Changing School Part Way through the School Year

An 'In Year' application for a school place is made when your child is already at school and you want them to transfer from one school to another. You can make an in year application at any time of year.

In year applications will be processed by the Local Authority no more than 6 weeks or 40 school days in advance of when a school place required.

Will a move really be in my child's best interest?

  • Requesting to change schools because you are moving into North Yorkshire or moving within North Yorkshire is sometimes unavoidable and the Authority will endeavour to place your child at a school as soon as possible.
  • Where you are requesting to change school for other reasons, you should consider carefully whether a change of schools is in your child’s best interest. The Authority does not encourage parents to move their child from one local school to another school mid-year as this can have a negative effect on a child's progress.

Consider whether it is necessary to move schools and speak to your child's current school before completing an application.

  • Where you are not moving into North Yorkshire or moving address within the local authority your child should continue to attend their current school until a place has been allocated at a new school and an admission date agreed. The admission date is likely to be from the beginning of the next school term.

What will be the effect on my child's education?

  • It is vital that parents consider the effect on their child if they are considering changing school within the same vicinity.
  • While schools will try to help children settle into a new school environment quickly, it does take time for children to adjust and some loss in performance can be expected.
  • All schools teach the Core National Curriculum subjects.  However, changing schools may mean that some topics or areas of work are repeated and some missed because subjects are taught at different times, in different ways in different schools.

Will my child make new friends?

  • Friendships formed in or out of school can be very important to children. Changing school because a child's friend changes school may be unwise as each child has their own needs.

Will my child have a fresh start or just face old problems?

  • Sometimes a change of school can enable children, who are suffering from an unwanted reputation or a clash of personalities in their local school or community, to start again.  However, this does not always happen - especially if old habits or ways of behaving or dealing with problems do not change.
  • Sometimes the difficulties can transfer too, particularly if the previous school has not been given time to resolve the situation.

Can present difficulties be resolved?

  • Sometimes a change is considered because there has been a disagreement between the parents
  • or child and the school.  There are very few differences that cannot be resolved if an issue is
  • discussed openly and reasonably between a school and parent.
  • Parents are encouraged to settle any differences with schools and only move their children to
  • another school as a last resort.

Is there a best time for my child to change school?

  • Generally it is better for a change of school to take place at the end of a term or at the end of a
  • school year so as to minimise the disruption to the pupil's education