Advice for Pupils

Dear children,

We want you to enjoy every minute of being at school so here are some tips to make your time at Sutton CP the best days of your life!

  • Get plenty of sleep so that you come to school every day fresh and ready to learn.
  • Come to school with the correct equipment to help with your learning. To help, you could have a list at home with the items you need each day, such as book bag, PE kit and home learning.
  • Have a positive attitude towards your learning; do your best and know that it's good to get things wrong. That's how we all learn!
  • Do your home learning!
  • Ask an adult or a friend if you are stuck, worried or scared. Problems can always be sorted, even though you may not think so.
  • Be proud of your achievements, and those of others. What legacy will you leave here when you move on?
  • Enjoy your relaxing time. You deserve and need it!