COVID 19 - Learning at home resources

Learning at home whilst school is closed

Each day your class teacher will send out a list of activities for the day.  This will either be on Tapestry or Google classroom.  For help using google classrooom click here.  We would highly recommend your child does some reading and the English and Maths tasks as these will help them when school returns.  The other activities are optional but are well thought out by the teachers to challenge and engage.

Alongside these there are a multitude of other online resources you can access to supplement your child’s learning.  We have collected together some of the better ones we have come across and put them in the document below. We wanted to share them with you as they are all appealing in different ways. Our main aim is that the children keep safe, physically and mentally and that they keep learning; if you are doing different learning with them please share that on goggle classroom/ tapestry too.

If your child is struggling with the learning please encourage them to message their teacher and class on goggle classroom.  It is also OK for parents to message teachers too, we are here to help.

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