Phonics and Tapestry - learning event for parents - feedback Oct 2017

What did you find useful about this event?

  • Hearing the way to speak to the children using the pure sounds
  • I found useful aspects of how to learn reading, writing and listening techniques and what the children are learning at school
  • Understanding how my child is taught at school and how I can help him at home
  • Understanding when different stages will be introduced
  • How to teach letters, words and sounds and extend learning at home
  • Learning new computerised technology
  • I found the information about Tapestry useful to enable us to follow achievements. It was also useful to know how we can help at home and break down words.


Is there anything else we could do to help you support your child’s learning at home? Or do you have any further suggestions for future workshops?

  • With the Tapestry being introduced it covers many things of our children learning so the answer is no.
  • I think I enjoy home learning more than * does! I think they are perfect for consolidating learning and show her home learning and school are connected. Thank you.
  • So far so good – many thank
  • Continue with the letters and rhyming box, put new letters in the box and new sounds.