Bewerley Park 2015

Year 6 took part in a marvellous week of outdoor and adventurous learning at Bewerely Park School in Pateley Bridge during the last week of October 15.

Monday 19 Oct 

10.30 Miss Baldwin rang school to let us know that they have all arrived at Bewerely Park safely.

12.00 - Just about to have our lunch. Off to a great start!  Everyone managed to successfully carry their bags from the coach to their dorms,I think some children could actually fit inside their bag. We have had our guided tour of Bewerley Park, been kitted out with waterproofs, unpacked and made our beds (some very interesting ways of doing the last task) but a brilliant effort by everyone. Both dorms are neat and tidy (for now) let's see how we fair on our first  room inspection this evening. 

6.00 - Lots of wonderful team work going on this afternoon whilst completing low ropes activity and shelter building.  Children loved eating toasted marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate (it was even suggested that we offered these options at tuck shop). Two groups did the high ropes and conquered lots of fears in reaching the top of the climbing pole. Now for some well earned tea before more activities this evening.

  "I'm going to really enjoy this week and look forward to conquering my fears with my friends." Ellie 

"I've really enjoyed today so far and cannot wait to do lots of other activities. " Ellie-Mae.

"I cannot wait for the rest of the activities later this week. I am proud of myself because I climbed a really high pole."

Tuesday.  An action packed day.  It all started with a brilliant result from the dormitory inspections,  where both the girls and the boys got a fabulous 9 out of 10. After enjoying a rather delicious breakfast that consisted of cereal, cooked breakfast and toast, all our groups were off. One group spent the day over at Brimham Rocks and had an amazing experience. Mr White was really pleased with how everyone inspired each other and pushed themselves out of their comfort zone.  The other two  groups went off treasure hunting, working brilliantly as a team, whilst displaying great map reading skills. They also went canoeing on a nearby lake,  playing lots of fun games and completing several challenges.  You will not be surprised  (and the children certainly were not) to find Mrs Humphrey, who canoed with Ellie-Mae and Miss Baldwin, who canoed with Kaci  were the most competitive!  The children had a great surprise to find Miss Robinson and Mrs Dwyer join us for tea.  The evening ending with a night activity of a Bewerley Park Centre quiz.  For this the children loved running around in the dark with their touches finding information.  A quick supper of cake and hot chocolate was had before going to bed for a well earned sleep.   


Mrs Humphrey's team had a lovely day scrambling around Brimham Rocks.  They squeezed through the tightest of spots and climbed huge mountains of rocks using ropes.  Miss Baldwin went gyhll scrambling, which everyone really enjoyed.  Oil said, "It was amazing, we worked really well together, when someone fell over we all helped pick them up."  Mr Horton and Mrs Dwyer arrived in the evening and Year 6 said goodbye to Miss Baldwin and Mr White. After tea everyone grabbed their torches for a night hike.  It was windy and wild. Ben commented that, "It was a great experience, I'm rarely out in the dark and I liked looking at the stars."


Today it was Mrs Dwyer team's turn to climb at Brimham.  Alice conquered her fears of heights, she climbed up using the ropes thanks in part to Jack's support.  Everyone cheered when she got to the top.  Mrs Humphrey and group tackled Blayshaw gyhll, which involved a leap from height into a plunge pool.  Nerves of steel were needed, Matthew stepped up and showed everyone how it was done.  He said afterwards, "It was terrifying and nerve-wracking but I conquered my fear!"  Mr Horton's group first hunted treasure around the woods, solving riddles and spotting interesting natural features.  The worked brilliantly as a team to rescue a message from a radioactive container.  Then heard about the haunting story of the false teeth bridge.  After a quick sandwich and flapjack they were back out in boat canoeing against the wind.  It was a tough going but they pulled together (literally) tying two canoes together to double their efforts.  Finally those that wanted to tested the water by jumping in and having a good old splash about!