YR Graduation - Jul 18

Congratulations to our lovely YR pupils  who have now completed their very first year of school. There was not a dry eye in the house as on Friday 20th July friends and family joined our Y6 Pupils to watch the class of 18  graduate! Wearing mortarboards the YR pupils each received an award which was based on their own special set of skills; including best plant waterer, maths wiz and best communicator! We watched photos of how their first year has whizzed by and listened with pride as  the  littlest learners  sang ‘This is me!’ from the ‘Greatest Showman.’  YR we are so proud of all of your achievements and we are all excited to watch your progress next year as you move into Y1.

Special thanks go to the superb Early Year Team who have helped these children to get off to a flying start in school.