Armistice 100 - Marking the Centenary of the End of World War 1

The week  of 5th Nov 2018 was particularly poignant in school, with learning focussed on the centenary of the end of World War One. Throughout the week there have been different opportunities for children to reflect and consider the events of 100 years ago which have shaped the future in which we have all lived.

 On Thursday 8th November 2018 we held a very special ‘Remembrance and Reconciliation’ event at school. Children were placed into family groups and completed lots of different activities during the day. Each adult did a fantastic job in delivering workshops that were both valuable and enjoyable, whilst providing excellent learning opportunities for the pupils as we celebrate the centenary of the end of WW1. The behaviour of our lovely pupils was excellent and the Year 6 leaders in each group really impressed us with their organisation and responsibility. Workshops included: drama focusing on peace, life in the trenches, silk painting and a variety of other brilliant creative activities, researching  Craven soldiers and creating our own memorial, listening to stories and an army style assault course! Something that particularly stuck with children was learning about the other colours of poppies that represent people and animals that fought in the war. You will be able to see some of the ones we have made on the ramp by the main entrance. It was a wonderful day for all of us and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone who was involved. 

On Friday 9th November, following a whole school assembly, children from Y1-Y6 joined Sutton Church School and Glusburn Primary School in an act of Remembrance at the cenotaph in Sutton Park at 11.00am whilst YR children shared a class based act of remembrance. As always ,our children were a credit to us all.

Several people have made the week really memorable.  Miss Dean led the Reconciliation and Forgiveness Event on Thursday—it was due to her hard work and organisation that the day went so smoothly.

Across the week our poppy sellers Delilah, Evie & Karis Y6, did a great job every playtime.  During the Remembrance Service Mr Horton, Oliver and Nancy  read some of the names of the fallen from Sutton Cenotaph. Charlotte, Joshua and George, laid a wreath on behalf of the children, staff and governors of our school and Mr Allack played the Last Post and Reveille

Special thanks of course to  Rev Rob and Laura  from Sutton Baptist Church and the team from St Thomas’s for their organisation of the Remembrance Event on Friday.

Over coming weeks the children will be delving more into the story behind the Great War  - we are excited to have found the School Log Book for the years 1914-18 and will be using this as a  primary source of research.  The week has certainly captured the imagination and enthusiasm of staff and pupils alike and has been a source of pride for us all. Please taken the time to talk to your child about their experiences in school over recent days and support and encourage them to be involved in the National Acts of Remembrance which will be happening over the next few weeks.