Maths Challenge

On Wednesday 26th April eight of our budding mathematicians from years 3 and 4 took part in the South Craven Maths Challenge. This was an annual event where teams from local primary schools complete against each other in various maths challenges.

The first element of the event was solving word-problems. Next came the relay where each child, one at a time, had to answer a maths question correctly at the front table in order to receive a piece of a puzzle that the team had to solve together. This challenge needed a lot of teamwork our children excelled at this and were in second place.  We were then treated to a biscuit and juice break, yay! The last part, was a construction - we had to use paper straws and paper clips to create as tall a construction as possible. This turned out to be a real challenge, requiring steady hands and buckets of patience. In the end, we achieved the second tallest tower which was great.

Overall it was an exciting, definitely challenging, and a really fun event. Well done Team Sutton!