Pirates Versus Mermaids!

*** Post Show Review ****

On 16 Feb 17  the children and staff of Y1 and Y2  led us all on a  swashbuckling  musical journey across  the seven seas.  We had gorgeous, glittering mermaids with jewelled faces and flowing, fishy tails and a shipload of dodgy looking pirates complete with eye patches and earrings (several of them had taken the trouble of growing beards and moustaches for the show!)

The story was set in Me Hearty High School - the most distinguished pirate school in the land (or should that be seas?) The trainee pirates couldn't wait to graduate and become proper pirates, there was only one problem… as none of them could swim! This meant that that had to face up to the fact that’ this would mean they would fail their ‘Arrr’ levels and then what will they do? The answer to their problem lay with the mermaids, but  as everyone knows  pirates do not like the mermaids and the mermaids do not like the pirates. Y1 and Y2 showed us how they all learned to get along! There were seven fantastic songs and a hilarious script—our children were word perfect and sang loudly and with gusto (particularly the pirates) Our audience clapped and cheered and by the end everyone's faced ached from smiling—thank you everyone—children, parents and staff for such a memorable evening ofmerriment on the high seas!

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