Y6 SATs (English) Preparation Evening

Was the presentation informative? Can you suggest ways to improve it?

  • very well presented
  • yes
  • yes very informative
  • Yes – could we have a sheet explaining terms to us old folk who have forgotten or never leaned past prepositions etc?
  • yes very informative

Have you learned anything new?

  • yes
  • terminology used
  • yes – I have forgotten the grammar I learned at school
  • I have bought the sats booklets so understood the level of information they need to know, but it was interesting to understand how they mark the papers
  • Yes. There are a lot more different meaning to commas, semi colons etc. It seems that if they learn the ‘cheaps’ they should do well

How will today’s session help you support your child learning at home?

  • working through the revision booklets
  • because I understand how they mark we can focus on certain areas
  • I have  a greater understanding of how much children have to learn
  • It will help because we can focus a lot more on the meanings of punctuation

Overall how would you rate the event today?

Excellent 4

Good 1