Reading, Writing and Maths

Our families tell us how much they value the basic skills of reading, writing and maths and we agree!  You can find out what classes are learning by visiting their class pages.

Phonics and Early Reading

At Sutton CP School, children in KS1 take part in high quality phonics sessions every day. These are fun sessions involving lots of speaking, listening, songs and games, where the emphasis is on children’s active participation. We follow the Letters and Sounds document as a basis of our Phonics teaching, enhanced by the kinaesthetic and auditory learning principles of Jolly Phonics in YR. The children learn fun actions and songs to help them to learn the sounds that the letters can make.

We ensure the children feel secure with the foundations of Phase One of the Letters and Sounds document (listening for sounds, speaking and discriminating sounds in words) before we move on to the next phases, learning various letters and sounds, blending to read and segmenting to write.